This page is intended to provide our volunteer judges with the resources they need during The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) judging period. To gain a better understanding of the TOBY competition, judging process and criteria, please visit the TOBY Entry Information page.  

Approximately 40 judges are needed to evaluate various commercial real estate properties that have been entered into the TOBY competition by BOMA members.

Volunteers will be trained to assess all facets of a building’s operations including Life Safety, Security, Risk Management, Training and Education, Energy, Environmental Sustainability, Tenant Relations and Community Involvement.


Each judge is required to attend one of the two sessions available, regardless of whether or not you have attended training in the past. This year, each session will start with a broad overview for all judges. Judges who have judged for the past three consecutive years may leave after the overview and a more in-depth session will be provided for volunteers who have not judged for three consecutive years.

Dates and details will be announced but you may check our calendar for the most up-to-date information. The calendar page will include the link to register as a judge. CLICK HERE FOR CALENDAR

A Team Leader training session is planned for Property Manager who would like to lead the judging process for one of the teams of judges.


Judges must judge all buildings in the assigned category for the judge's scores to count.


Download the 2017-2018 TOBY Requirements




Do I have to attend both training sessions?  No, they are both the same, so only one training is needed.

What if I have judged before?  Even if you've judged before, you must attend.

How many days will judging take?  It depends on how many buildings are entered into the category you are judging. It may be a few hours or it may take two days.

Can I select what category I judge?  We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Can I hand out cards or tell the property manager how much they need my services or products?  No.

What if I am entering my building, should I judge or attend the training? It is very useful to gain insight and see how other Property Managers manage their buildings. This is a fantastic opportunity to pick up invaluable tips that you can implement into the day-to-day management of your building...or apply in your quest for a TOBY!   



Bunnie Willis, RPA
Crimson Services, LLC 


Megan Purdue, RPA
Stiles Property Management


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