BOMA Leadership Program

The BOMA Board will be involved in identifying and mentoring future BOMA leaders.  We will do this through individual assignments.

Individual liaison assignments will involve matching up interested leadership candidates with BOMA Liaisons, who then communicate via email and/or in person over a period of time with their Candidates. The BOMA Liaisons can be helpful and their efforts could produce measurable results by developing this structured approach to leadership development and mentoring.


Ideally this candidate is a Property Manager, who has been involved with BOMA FTL/PB for more than 3 years. Involved means serving on a committee, being chosen for the Future Leadership Council (selected by the Board),  a Board Member or Officer, a Committee Chairperson, regularly attends the monthly membership meetings and understands the value that BOMA brings to Property Owners, Property Managers, Assistant Property Managers and Building Engineers. 


Candidates can be new to BOMA or new to the Commercial Real Estate Industry.  They show an interest in furthering their career, knowledge and a desire to become a leader in their field and within BOMA.    


Both the liaison and the candidate must be able to:

  • Meet face to face shortly after an “e-introduction” is made.
  • Email, call and/or meet up in the second month.
  • Stay in touch at least quarterly, after the first quarter.
  • Receive a call from a Board Member to check and see how the program is flowing.

After you fill out our brief questionnaire, we will match you up with a liaison or a candidate.