COVID19 Resources

[This page will continue to be updated to stay up to date with current events.]



Given the increased concerns and circumstances around the Coronavirus, and in response to Florida Governor Desantis’ State of Emergency and other recommendations, we wanted to share our plans for BOMA events and committee meetings. To ensure the safety and well-being of our members, all BOMA events starting today will be handled as follows:


If you registered to attend the March 18 luncheon, you will receive a separate email with a refund or credit information. We will continue to monitor both state and health official recommendations and will communicate scheduling changes with our members. All updates will be shared with our membership via email. 


The BOMA FTL/PB Committee Chairs will be in contact with committees about the next steps and meeting information. All committee meetings will either be suspended or held via conference calls until further notice. Please check our event page.

In the interim, you are encouraged to utilize the following resources for important Coronavirus updates: BOMA InternationalCDC, and Florida Health.Gov.








MEMBER CONTRIBUTED: UVC Light, BPI Able to Kill and Control Viruses

MEMBER CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE  Photo provided by Advanced Power Technologies    UVC Light, BPI Able to Kill and Control Viruses June 2020 -- The global pandemic has put a new spotlight on ultraviolet sterilization: a technique that has been around for decades. UVC lighting can ki...

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BOMA Presses for Industry Liability Protections as Businesses Start to Reopen

    BOMA Presses for Industry Liability Protections as Businesses Start to Reopen As governments lift restrictions and local businesses start to reopen, there is still concern that despite the best efforts of the commercial real estate industry to promote health and safety in commer...

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BOMA Opposes Requiring Property Personnel to Conduct Health Screenings

  BOMA Opposes Requiring Property Personnel to Conduct Health Screenings As the country considers easing restrictions during the COVID-19 emergency, assuring safe workplaces is a central issue, and the commercial real estate sector is committed to helping slow the spread of the virus whil...

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New Guidance Document: Industrial Re-Set

  New Guidance Document: Industrial Re-Set While many tenants in office buildings have been working from home in recent months, most tenants in industrial buildings have been reporting to work as usual, all while adjusting to a “new normal” in response to health and safety con...

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CDC Decision Tree for Reopening Workplaces

    As markets across the United States gradually reopen, property managers and tenants alike must prepare for what a phased return to the office will entail. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published a workplace “decision tree” flowchar...

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Understanding the Touchless Workplace

  Understanding the Touchless Workplace In recent months, the entire world has become hyper-conscious of the many objects our hands touch throughout the day. Adding to this awareness, property professionals and tenants are actively taking inventory of the “high-touch” areas wi...

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Survey: U.S. Commercial Real Estate Sector Expected to Be Resilient in Recovery

      Recovery Ahead   The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the U.S. economy has been stunning, but a late-breaking survey conducted by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) indicates a potential light at the end of the tunnel for the commercial real estate sector. ...

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