The Association attempts to maintain a balanced ratio of Regular members, consisting of Property Managers and Owners, and Associate members such as vendors, contractors, suppliers, etc. Membership approval for Associate members may be delayed if the preferred ratio is not being met. Associate members may bypass the ‘waiting list’ by joining with a Property Manager or Building Owner. Anyone who is not a property manager or a building engineer, click the ‘Vendor Waiting List" tab to the left to be added to the waiting list.

Property Managers and Building Owners are granted membership status immediately after the conditions of membership below are met.



  1. Membership is contingent upon maintaining adequate insurance and mandatory licenses, as required by the State of Florida.

  2. Each applicant must attend the ‘BOMA Orientation’ offered the last Thursday of each month.

  3. Members must attend at least three (3) events per year to maintain an ‘active’ membership status. The Board of Directors reserves the right to suspend membership if three events per year are not attended. Events are described as ‘any BOMA activity offered on the calendar of events’ and include but are not limited to, meetings, education, BOMA Day, TOBY Awards, and socials.

  4. Membership can be revoked for unprofessional conduct during BOMA events or violation of the General Conditions listed above.

  5. Dues are non-refundable. Invoices must be paid within sixty (60) days and are the approved member's responsibility to ensure payment is submitted timely.

Membership approval will be announced after all conditions are met.

Additional Membership Information

Only paid members are permitted to attend events. However, if you are a property manager, building owner, or building engineer, you can contact the BOMA office if you would like to attend a meeting before joining. The two exceptions are the Ron Macklin Memorial Open (golf tournament) and the TOBY Awards Ceremony, where attendance is encouraged for both members and non-members.

Remember that we do not support residential property management (no condos, HOA's, apartment complexes). We support commercial office, industrial, medical, and retail building property management. 

Membership Dues

Regular Property Manager Membership Property manager, building owner (primary source of income should be from owning commercial buildings), assistant property manager, or building engineer for one year is $605 for one employee member. Additional employees from a property management firm are $460 each. 

Corporate Memberships Corporate memberships are available for property management firm with six employees. Corporate membership dues are $1,890 for six members (or $315 per member) and must register all six people to qualify for the discounted rate. Each member will be reported to BOMA International and will qualify for all of the International membership benefits. See update for 2015 Corporate Membership Dues Structure Changes (for property management firms only). 

Associate Membership Service provider or vendor membership dues are $775. Additional people from the vendor firm would pay $660 each. * 

Industrial Managers (Annual investment $245 - Anyone employed by a Property Management Firm that exclusively manages industrial properties. See below for the Industrial info-graphic.


Waiting List

There is a waiting list in order to keep our ratio of Regular Member (property management professional) and Associate Member (service providers/vendors) at a 50/50 ratio, but if you are able to bring a non-member Property Manager to join you can avoid the waiting list.

The Property Manager cannot have an existing membership with another person in their firm already (ie: Stiles Property Management, CBRE, Taylor Mathis, Avison Young, WellTower, etc). Ask your commercial Property Manager clients if they know about BOMA and have them call the BOMA office at (561) 395-6664 if they are interested. If they join, you can too.

We also offer twice a year (in early spring and early fall), an offer to bypass the waiting list with a $2,600 sponsorship (not including the membership dues for one person).  If you are on the waiting list, you will receive an e-mail outlining the different sponsorships and what each offers in the way of brand recognition and exposure. 

Are you a vendor and interested in becoming a member?  Click here to be added to the list


The full-year membership dues are required if you join between January - June for the current year. Dues are pro-rated 60% if you join in July, August, and September ($363 property manager or $465 associate). Full-year membership dues are required if you join between October and December, however, dues are applied for the following year. 

Existing Associate Member vendor (members only)

An existing Associate (vendor) member firm can add an additional associate member ($660), if they pay for an additional Regular Member ($460) or additional Corporate Member from an existing firm ($315), without having to wait on the waiting list. NOTE: It is up to the member to find a Property Manager, Assistant Property Manager, or Building Engineer to join with you. Please contact the BOMA Fort Lauderdale/Palm Beaches office to ensure the prospective member qualifies and that another member has not already paid for their membership.