Industry Contributions

What does BOMA Fort Lauderdale / Palm Beaches do to improve the local commercial real estate and property management industry?



By representing building owners, managers, tenants and people who serve the buildings industry before local, state and national governing bodies and in the media, we help ensure productive workplaces and a healthy and growing business environment. 

Our local was very active in campaigning to eliminate the rent tax. While it was not eliminated, a bill was introduced this year that reduced the tax.

Our advocacy representative helps members stay aware of legislation that impacts our industry. We publish this material on our blogs and a weekly e-publication. 

We encourage all members of our community to be a part of our public and government affairs effort. There are many ways you can make your voice heard:

  • Contact your government representatives to express your views.
  • Contact the media.
  • Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper or contact a broadcast producer.


BOMA FTLPB members are involved at state, regional, and International [MP1] levels. Members of our Board have been appointed and actively participate as: 

  •       BOMA Florida President
  •       Southern Region Board members
  •       BOMA Fellows 

We keep our blog up-to-date with current events about our membership and industry happenings.

BOMA FTLPB has also committed to hosting BOMA Southern Region in 2018 and plans to make this event one that just as informative as fun. (see the video:



BOMA FTLPB publishes the weekly BOMA Buzz that includes industry updates, local, and national trend so that commercial real estate professionals can stay informed. This is sent to members and non-members. Feel free to sign up here! 



Our general meetings provide education that tie into the core competencies of property management. We are continually looking to improve our programming and make it relevant. The most recent events included:

  •       PACE program
  •       Owner Insights 
  •       Legal pitfalls of property management 

We have also created education and networking events that speak to the different verticals and disciplines within our market. FREE attendance for members.

  •       Retail Day
  •       Industrial Day
  •       Engineers Breakfasts
  •       PM Mixers
  •       Emerging Professionals

Meeting prices have not increased in many years. We use our sponsorships and signature events to offset these costs. Visit our calendar.



To encourage professional development, we offer scholarships for Property Managers for BOMA education courses so that they can earn their RPA designation. This is done through the Ron Macklin Scholarship Fund. In addition, if we provide additional discounts when 10 students or more are enrolled in a class. Coursework is open to the community. Check our current schedule as well as our Property Management resource page for helpful links. 



Our signature events and socials are some of the best attended in the industry. While organized by volunteers, they are known for a high level of professionalism. We work hard to deliver on the expectations of our guests and sponsors as well as put investments to use for the good of our industry. 

We know that we are succeeding because our attendance and sponsorship benchmarks continue to break records. More than 75% of our supporter are returning sponsors. See opportunities



BOMA FTLPB is very proud of our membership base. Many of them work together to create educational and social opportunities that extend beyond our local association offerings. It speaks to the caliber of our members. We are active on social media so that we can stay engaged with our members. You can see the level of activity by searching #BOMAPeeps on Facebook or Instagram