2015 Budgeting

Due to BOMA International's Federated agreement, the dues structure for corporate membership holders has changed.


The changes do not affect the 2015 single membership dues which will remain at $595, with each additional member per firm $450. However, corporate membership dues will be $1,866 for six members (or $311 per member). Corporate members must register at least four members in order to qualify for the discounted rate. Each member will be reported to BOMA International and will qualify for all of the International membership benefits.


BOMA International charges each local association a fee for each recorded member. Based on reporting guidelines, BOMA Fort Lauderdale & Palm Beaches has reported four regular members per corporate member firm regardless of how many members a firm has registered. In 2014, the BOMA Fort Lauderdale & Palm Beaches membership dues were $1950 for four or more members.

BOMA International has updated the reporting requirements for more consistency and accuracy, requiring our Local to pay for all members registered under corporate membership firms.


BOMA Fort Lauderdale/Palm Beaches remains dedicated to promoting excellence in the property management in the commercial real estate industry. We provide educational resources and a platform to exchange best practices. We continue to improve programming and keep our membership informed of current trends and strategies that are used to manage buildings efficiently and keep property values up.

The future certainly looks brighter for our commercial real estate industry. We hope that you recognize the value of professional development and continue to invest in your employees at the discounted rate of $311 per member.

Please be sure to include this into your property budget for 2015.

Please call or e-mail the BOMA if you have any questions.

561-395-6664 or [email protected]

Thank you,

The BOMA FTL/PB Board of Directors

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