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Florida Building Commission

An update from Jeff Gross, Florida Building Commission. Jeff Gross represents BOMA Florida on the Florida Building Commission. In 2021, he will be the senior-most representative having served 17 years on the commission.
The Florida Building Commission (FBC) met on June 2nd by telephone conference and was attended by over 100 participants.
The big news was that the FBC decided not to change the effective date of the 2020 Florida Building Code.  The date will remain on December 31, 2020. This is important because Florida will stay more current with the National Codes, which BOMA International supports, but it also fixes the Florida code and does not allow changes prior to the adoption date. With all the discussions about Building Code modifications to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, a grace period will occur which will allow for the gathering of more facts and experience and we can see where we are with the disease next year.  This will create more meaningful, well thought out proposals instead of knee jerk reactions.
Another big issue that is unresolved is the appointment of members to the FBC.  The appointment terms of over 10 members of the FBC have expired, some by as much as a year and a half.  My term expired in November of last year.  The Governor reappoints or replaces members of the FBC directly.  In absence of action, the present Commissioners keep serving at the Governor’s pleasure.  Since the FBC will be reduced from 26 to 19 members on January 1, 2021, this becomes a particularly important issue to BOMA Members.

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