Member Update - FEBRUARY 2021

I am so happy it is springtime! On March 14th, daylight savings time begins, and we get to enjoy our extended evenings. It seems this change makes us more productive and motivated.

It’s been a year since the Pandemic hit. It has been life-changing for some of us and a challenge for all of us. One thing I have seen in our members is their resiliency. Our members worked through the issues and constraints, overcoming the obstacles. We have been there for each other, professionally and personally, helping each other navigate through changes at our properties and offered emotional support for those suffering losses or health issues.

In Florida, we are lucky that we can be productive and work and are not confined with restrictions. I see our members are pushing hard to make up for the lost time. Our industry is booming with the new Northeast transplants. This has been a game-changer in our market.

As an organization, we are optimistic that we can start coming back into our treasured BOMA events and things that we have done before. We may be offering some hybrid zoom/in-person meetings as we move forward to accommodate the varied needs of our members.

We are so pleased to be offering one of our beloved events, BOMA Day, as our kick-off back to the transition of in-person meetings and events. Please join us!

I am hoping that as we switch back into our “regular” lives, with the modifications that we need, our organization will deliver the social network and relationship-building tools to meet our members' needs.

There is so much more to do, see and learn. Let's get out there!

Michele Pellico, RPA, FMA
President, BOMA Fort Lauderdale/Palm Beaches
Regional Manager of Florida
Property Group Partners, LLC

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