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BOMA Fort Lauderdale / Palm Beaches curates and produces the BOMA Buzz weekly as a resource for industry news and updates about commercial real estate and property management related issues relevant to South Florida. Members and non-members are welcome to subscribe.


BOMA Buzz July 30th 

  • Easton Group Sells Royal Palm Beach Warehouse for $16M
  • Crocker Partners Hires Infectious Disease Specialist 
  • The Hidden Dangers in Medical Lease Concessions
  • Florida Senate Passes Bill to Lower Retainage on Public Construction Projects
  • More Legislative Changes in Relation to Real Estate
  • Urban To Suburban: The Growing Shift To The Suburbs As COVID-19 Changes The Way People Live

BOMA Buzz July 23

  • Centerpoint Acquires Two New Buildings To Bolster South Florida Portfolio
  • Office Markets Are Preparing for the “New Normal”
  • According to JLL's Trends & Insights, Office Leases are Getting Shorter
  • How Will Subchapter 5 of the Bankruptcy Code Impact Landlords?

BOMA Buzz July 16

Office Tower Renovations Resulted in Large Gains Despite Pandemic
U.S. May Need Another 1 Billion Square Feet of Warehouse Space by 2025 as E-commerce Booms
Insurers “Are Already Preparing to Pay Some Fraction” of Pandemic-Related Claims, Lawyers Say
Proposed HOPE Act Would Give Commercial Real Estate a Lifeline

BOMA Buzz July 9

  • The South Florida Office Market is Holding Steady - For Now. That May Not Last
  • Lenders Provide “Mixed Bag” of Relief to CRE Borrowers
  • How to Modernize Parking Infrastructure with the Electric Vehicle Customer in Mind
  • The Good News Is the Recession Will Be Short. The Bad News is the Recovery Will Be Long and Tough

BOMA Buzz July 2

  • Here’s How Much It Costs to Modify Your Office Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Industrial REITs: Virus Is Ultimate E-Commerce Accelerant
  • The Perceived Role of HVAC is Changing
  • New Surveys Show More Telework Won't Kill the Office

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