Defeat of Amendment 1 Positions Florida for Solar Growth

On November 8th, Florida voters rejected Amendment 1 – the utility-backed proposal that sought to limit the growth of customer-owned solar power in the Sunshine State.

In what is being called a David and Goliath battle, a bi-partisan grassroots coalition of more that 200 organizations worked to defeat the deceptive utility-backed amendment.

“Today, as a coalition representing every part of Florida’s political spectrum, we defeated one of the most egregious and underhanded attempts at voter manipulation in this state’s history,"  said Tory Perfetti, chairman of Floridians for Solar Choice and director of Conservatives for Energy Freedom.

Had Amendment 1 passed, it would have preserved the monopoly held by utilities and blocked third-party competitors. In practice, it would also mean that utility companies could block policies it believes creates a cost shift between customers.

The defeat of Amendment 1 comes after Floridians voted overwhelmingly in favor of Amendment 4 in the August statewide primary which authorizes the Florida legislature to exempt solar projects on commercial and industrial properties from both the tangible personal property tax and the ad valorem real estate taxes.

To read more about this initiative, visit Floridians for Solar Choice. Additional information can be found at GreenTech Media



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