MEMBER CONTRIBUTED: UVC Light, BPI Able to Kill and Control Viruses


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UVC Light, BPI Able to Kill and Control Viruses

June 2020 -- The global pandemic has put a new spotlight on ultraviolet sterilization: a technique that has been around for decades. UVC lighting can kill over 99% of viruses and bacteria in an extremely short period of time. New sanitation protocols are becoming the normal and are essential as many businesses are beginning to reopen. UVC Lights have been used in hospitals and operating rooms for years; however, with COVID-19 being a global threat, there is now interest in implementing this technique into places like restaurants, warehouses, schools and office buildings.

Ultraviolet C (UVC) is one of the three types of rays given off from the sun. Its sanitizing effects have been tested and used with other viruses, including SARS, where in only 15 minutes the UVC lights were able to kill and stop the virus from spreading.

Another process, Bipolar Ionization (BPI), has been used for decades to kill airborne bacteria, mold and viruses. It has proven effective during the SARS, MERS and Norovirus outbreaks. BPI is experiencing an increase in popularity and interest with coronavirus causing concern about air quality. The virus may be airborne and stick around for some time. An active air cleaning process is necessary.

Bipolar Ionization is integrated into HVAC systems by using tubes that take oxygen molecules, changes them into atoms that then turns them into microparticles that surround and destroy harmful airborne substances. They will also stick to dust and released particles from the mouth, which allows them to be caught in filters. Air will continuously be disinfected.

There are numerous BPI applications on the market. Some of the country’s largest hospitals and airports have already implemented the systems. For those looking to cover smaller areas, there are standalone devices or additions to an HVAC.

Unfortunately, sometimes it takes events like a global pandemic to act as a wake-up call for people to become aware of how important air quality and disinfecting is for our well-being. It needs to continuously be viewed as an essential.


This Member Contributed Content was written by Jessica Cacace for Advanced Power Technologies.Advanced Power Technologies has package units, split systems and chilled water with air handling rooms available. There are UVC and BPI systems that will work for your needs. If you would like more information, please contact Devin Grandis at Advanced Power Technologies: 954-984-4100 or visit APT at


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