Local Buildings Move Forward In International Competition



It is our honor to congratulate our local Property Management teams that won The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) awards at BOMA Southern Region in Savannah, Georgia on Saturday, March 30th. The TOBY Awards is a competition that is reflective of the best in property management practices which ultimately adds value to commercial real estate buildings.

The BOMA Fort Lauderdale / Palm Beaches management teams competing at the International level are:

  • Cornerstone I and II, managed by Bunnie Willis, RPA from Patrinely Group
  • Plaza at Las Olas, managed by Yakir Dotan from Stiles Property Management
  • Tower Shops, managed by Erica Toda from Stiles Property Management

The complete list of winners are: 

  • Under 100,000 sq. ft. – Plaza Las Olas (BOMA Ft. Lauderdale + Palm Beaches)
  • 100,000-249,999 sq. ft. – Centrum Building (BOMA Georgia)
  • 250,000-499,999 sq. ft. – CNL Tower (BOMA Orlando)
  • 500,000-1 M sq. ft. – Bank of America Plaza (BOMA Greater Charlotte)
  • Corporate Facility – 500 TownPark (BOMA Orlando)
  • Earth Award – Tampa City Center (BOMA Greater Tampa Bay)
  • Public Assembly – City of Doral (BOMA Miami-Dade)
  • Historical Building – Venable Center (BOMA Raleigh-Durham)
  • Industrial Office Park – Horizon Commerce Park (BOMA Orlando)
  • Mixed-Use – Carolina Square (BOMA Raleigh-Durham)
  • Over 1 M sq. ft. – South East Financial Center (BOMA Miami-Dade)
  • Renovated/Modernized Building – Rocky Point Centre (BOMA Greater Tampa Bay)
  • Mixed Use - Tower Shops (BOMA Ft. Lauderdale + Palm Beaches)
  • Suburban Office Park (Low-rise) – Memorial center I & II (BOMA Greater Tampa Bay)
  • Suburban Office Park (Mid-rise) – Cornerstone One & Two (BOMA Ft. Lauderdale + Palm Beaches)

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