2016 Education Schedule

BOMA Fort Lauderdale/Palm Beaches is pleased to announce the Education Schedule for 2016.

Continuing education is a great way to advance your career. BOMA Fort Lauderdale/Palm Beaches offers a range of traditional classroom courses designed specifically for Property Management. While there are many ways to learn, this traditional setting provides many advantages. Joining a group of student-peers in this learning environment allows you to network among like-minded professionals. Classes are taught by seasoned Property Management professionals that provide real-life experiences.

Course dates are as follows:

Classes Dates Designation
Class Cost Instructor
REIF January 22 - 24 RPA/FMA 1035 Cary Fronstin
HP Practices February 26 - 28 RPA/FMA 1035 Cary Fronstin
Environmental March 11-13 RPA/FMA/SMA 1035 Craig Grosby
Asset May 13 - 15 RPA/FMA 1035 Cary Fronstin
Ethics June 11, 2016 RPA/FMA 650 Cary Fronstin
Design I August 12 - 14 RPA/FMA 1035 Craig Grosby
Design II October 14 - 16 RPA/FMA 1035 Craig Grosby
Budgeting December 2 - 4 RPA 1035 Cary Fronstin


Visit our course catalog for class descriptions. Note that we are able to offer a significant discount when the class size is 10 or more. The regular class fee of $1,035 will be discounted to $750. This is a $285 savings! (After the 10th student has registered, the prices will be decreased. A refund or credit on file will be issued for those who paid full price.) Scholarships for courses are also available.

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