Property Management Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs

Whether you are new to the industry or a professional looking to enhance your skills or gain recognition, a BOMI International certificate program is right for you. All certificate programs provide the fundamental knowledge you need to better understand your job responsibilities and are a good way to begin your journey toward earning a BOMI International designation.

To earn a certificate, students must complete three courses and pass an exam at the end of each course to show their understanding of program content. 

A Certificate That Fits Your Needs:



Property Administrator Certificate—Ideal for those who manage the overall operations of a building or a portfolio of buildings.



Property Management Financial Proficiency Certificate—Ideal for those responsible for analyzing, managing, and investing in real estate assets.



Facilities Management Certificate—Ideal for those who manage the ongoing operation and maintenance of facilities.



Building Systems Maintenance Certificate—Ideal for those who operate and maintain multiple building systems.



Building Energy Certificate—Ideal for those in operational and system maintenance roles.